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Boom 500 index strategy 2024:

•        FOR BOOM 500

Boom spikes up unexpectedly and we want to utilize this to our favor. Now when you go on your BOOM 500 chart you will not after all bullish(spikes)candles there are is a bearish candle following with at least 50pips thou this bearish candles range from 50-77pips. as shown below

Now only after bullish spike wait for a wick(candle tail) on bullish spike to show up immediately after the wick shows up and jus before the bearish candle start you go short on boom 500. WHEN U ENTER A SELL ORDER STAY IN THE MARKET

FOR 50-60PIPS(1 bearish candle) ONLY. As I said earlier that the bearish candle has 50-77pips therefore exit the market before the first bearish candle closes. NOTE; RULES;

  • Trade boom on a DOWNTREND only
  • enter a sell order 5seconds(10pips wick) after a bullish spike Up
  • stay in the market for 50pips(1 bearish candle)only then exit
  • NEVER enter a trade after the bearish candle is formed

Some may ask why are we seeing double bullish spikes like shown below

  • This happens mostly in UPTREND which we clearly don’t trade on strategy
  • This happens mostly when the broker is simulating the market to his favor but rarely very rarely on our golden time.
  • Its not a problem if one followed 50pips rule (stay in the market for 50pips only).
  • if this happens to you in the market in DOWNTREND don’t close immediately wait for it to retrace back to your entry.
Sometime not only double spikes but… as shown above

but this wont find you in

open orders if u strictly followed the rules I explained above.
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