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Boom and Crash Indicator strategy Part 2


Sell Setup Criteria

Boom and crash indicator strategy

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Indicators Setup for Trading Crash and BOOM

To effectively trade Crash and Boom on Binary.com, it’s crucial to set up the following indicators. We recommend using the 1-hour chart for analysis with these indexes:

RSI Settings:

RSI19, 10, 11, 89, 90, 91, 92

MACD Settings:

IndicatorFast EMASlow EMAMACD SMA

Moving Average:

Moving AverageExponential5

Bollinger Bands:

Bollinger Bands341.619

For sell setups, follow these straightforward guidelines:

Moving Average OverboughtEnsure the moving average and MACD are in the overbought region.
Rejection Outside Bollinger BandsLook for market rejections outside the Bollinger bands during any Boom or Crash.
Moving Average Inverse ‘V’ FormationWait for the moving average to start forming an inverse ‘V’.
Market AnalysisOnce the moving average begins forming an inverse ‘V’, analyze the market.
‘V’ or ‘M’ SetupLook for ‘V’ or ‘M’ setups with rejections in the market.
Market MovementUpon identifying a ‘V’ or ‘M’ setup, wait for the market to push down with at least one candle.

Holding Strategy

Similar to buy setups, it’s advisable to hold positions for sell setups as well. Once the market starts to decline, it typically continues until showing a reversal sign.

Trading Simplified

Trading Crash and Boom on the 1-hour chart remains simple and effective. Reversals are often indicated by ‘M’ or inverse ‘V’ formations, accompanied by rejections outside the Bollinger bands. Stick to the 1-hour chart for optimal trading outcomes.


With this straightforward strategy, profiting from Crash and Boom trading on Binary.com becomes accessible to traders of all levels. By adhering to these clear guidelines, consistent profitability can be achieved.

Remember, Boom and Crash trading doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple and stay disciplined with your approach.

The key to have a successful entry
 Is to wait for macd to be oversold
 And wait for rejections outside the Bollinger bands
 That way you will always be correct
 1hour chart only

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