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Deriv multipliers: How they work


rading with leverage allows you to take a larger position in the market with a small amount of capital. However, leveraged trading also comes with the possibility of large losses.

However, on Deriv, we offer multipliers instead of traditional leverage. Multipliers allow you to amplify your potential profits without increasing your potential losses.

Here’s how multipliers work:

Let’s say you trade with a stake of 100 USD and predict the market will go up by 2%. Without a multiplier, your profit would be 2 USD. But with a x500 multiplier, your profit would be 1,000 USD.

Unlike leveraged trading, where losses can escalate quickly, on Deriv, your losses are limited to your stake when trading with multipliers.

Benefits of trading with multipliers on Deriv:

  1. Ramp up your trades: Add a multiplier to your trades to increase your potential profits.
  2. Limit your risk: The automatic stop-out function ensures you never lose more than your initial stake on any single trade.
  3. Manage the possibilities: Utilize risk-management features like take profit, stop loss, and deal cancellation to protect your profits and manage your trades effectively.
  4. Trade anytime, anywhere: Trade multipliers on forex, cryptocurrencies, and Deriv’s synthetic indices on both desktop and mobile with Deriv GO. With crypto and synthetic indices available 24/7, you can trade multipliers whenever and wherever you want.

Please note the following disclaimer:

  • Deriv GO is not available for clients residing in the EU and the UK.
  • Multipliers trading on cryptocurrencies is not available for clients residing in the UK.
  • Deal cancellation is only available for volatility indices.

If you’re interested in getting started trading multipliers on Deriv’s DTrader trading platform, check out our step-by-step guide.


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