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Exness Social, Copy Trading Review


What Is Exness Social Trading?

Exness Social Trading, also known as copy trading or mirror trading is a service offered by the forex and CFD broker Exness that allows traders to connect and interact with other traders.

Exness copy trading allows investors (also known as followers) to copy and replicate the trading strategies of more experienced and successful traders (known as strategy providers).

It’s a platform that aims to facilitate a community of traders, enabling them to share insights and strategies with each other.

Exness Social Trading Review Summary

Criteria Description
Overall Rating ★★★★☆
Platform Overview Exness Social Trading and Exness Copy Trading offer traders an opportunity to invest in financial markets by following experienced traders’ strategies.
Key Features – Diverse selection of traders – Performance statistics – Risk management tools – Commitment to transparency and security
Suitability Suitable for both novice and seasoned traders looking for investment opportunities without requiring extensive experience or knowledge.
Access Available via MT4, web platform, and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Exness Social Trading: Features

Features Description
Customization Options – Set risk parameters – Maximum trade size – Maximum drawdown
Performance Tracking – Historical performance evaluation – Metrics include returns, drawdowns, and other relevant statistics
Platform Usability – User-friendly interface – Easy navigation – Quick access to strategy providers and investment monitoring
Strategy Providers – Over 600,000 monthly active users – Wide variety of traders with different risk appetites, profitability records, and trading styles
Real-time Copy Trading – Trades are copied in real-time once strategy providers are selected
Real-time Performance Tracking – Continuous monitoring of strategy providers’ performance and investments

Joining Exness Copy Trading:

  1. Open a Live Trading Account with Exness
    • Visit the Exness website and register.
    • Create a new account with preferred specifications.
  2. Exness Social Trading Login
    • Login to your Exness account.
    • Access the social trading tab to start copy trading.
  3. Select a Strategy Provider
    • Browse through available strategies based on risk score, commission, potential returns, number of investors, and leverage.
  4. Allocate Funds
    • Choose a strategy and allocate funds to start copying trades.
  5. Start Copy Trading
    • Trades are automatically copied into your account in real-time.

Cost of Exness Copy Trading:

  • No additional fees for using the social trading platform.
  • Regular trading fees and spreads may apply.

Becoming a Strategy Provider:

  • Create a Personal Area on the Exness website.
  • Choose between Social Standard and Social Pro account types.
  • Set commission rate and leverage.
  • Access dashboard for statistics on followers, investments, and earned commissions.

Account Types for Strategy Providers:

  • Social Standard Account: $500 minimum first deposit.
  • Social Pro Account: $500 minimum first deposit, $2,000 minimum equity to activate a strategy.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
– No daily trading requirements – Many strategy providers – Risk management features – Opportunity to learn from successful traders – Portfolio diversification – Earn passive income – Control over account – Past performance does not guarantee future results – Potential over-reliance on others – Risks associated with copy-trading


Exness Social Trading offers a solid platform for traders to connect and engage in copy trading. While it provides various benefits such as access to a trading community, learning opportunities, and transparency, traders must be aware of associated risks. Careful consideration of individual trading goals, risk tolerance, and chosen strategies is essential for successful social trading on Exness.



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