Step Index Trading


How Do You Trade The Synthetic Index On DMT5?

To trade the step index in DMT5 you need to open a synthetic indices account in Deriv. Below are the steps that you follow to open the account.

1. Open Your Deriv Main Account

Start by opening your main Deriv account. This account will allow you to trade various markets like binary options, forex, and synthetic indices. You can open the Deriv main account here.

Comprehensive Guide To Step Index Trading (2023)
Objective Learn how to trade the step index from Deriv, popular worldwide.
Get to know the best step index brokers.
Learn about profitable strategies for step index trading.
Sign up to trade Step Index volatility indices.
What Is The Step Index From Deriv? The Step Index simulates market movements step by step, with an equal probability of going up or down.
It has a fixed step size of 0.1 and is a type of synthetic index.
What Moves The Step Index? The movement of the Step Index is driven by randomly generated numbers from a secure algorithm.
This algorithm is owned by Deriv.
Step Index Minimum Lot Size The Step Index has a minimum lot size of 0.1, determining the smallest trade size that can be placed.
How Do You Trade The Synthetic Index On DMT5? To trade the Step Index on DMT5, follow these steps:
1. Open your Deriv main account.
2. Open a Deriv real account.
3. Open a DMT5 synthetic indices trading account.
4. Download the DMT5 platform.
5. Login to the DMT5 platform using your account details.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I trade the step index on MT4? No, the Step Index is traded on the DMT5 platform, not MT4.
What is the minimum deposit required? The minimum deposit required to trade the Step Index on Deriv varies depending on the payment method.
What is the best time to trade? The Step Index can be traded at any time, but traders may find increased volatility during certain hours.



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