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Crash 300 index spike strategy


•        FOR CRASH(500&1000)

There is a high probability of a spike down(bearish candle) when 2 or more of these conditions are met;

  1. Crash Must be in a DOWNTREND
  2. AO indicator is about to crossover from + to – as shown below
  1. When Crash is at S/R levels as shown below

NOTE: at least 2 Of these conditions must be met before placing a trade


Now this is quite different from Strategy 1 on lot sizes and spike count. The bigger the lot size the less the spikes one will be trading and the less time spent on the market.

I suggest that for people with small account(less than100$) to use the small lot sizes from 0.10 – 0.30 on any boom and crash indices but I for one prefer to use the lot size that will require 20% of my capital as margin. But be free to use the lot size of your choice in this strategy 2 and make sure you stay in the market for only our golden 3 hours.

And that’s all about my strategy for boom and crash Indices. I don’t trade much on Volatility indices(10,25,50,75+100) for one main reason that is holding trades. For this rough market which is not on my side I need only to scalp and exit.

Therefore I advice you to get used to trade the boom and crash Indices afterall I already gave you a 100% working and powerful strategy.

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